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Add: NO.9 Longgang Road Nanling,Longgui Town,Baiyun District,Guangzhou City,China
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About Us
Guangzhou XuZhong Food Machinery Co., Ltd is a morden technological manufacturing enterprise which concentrating on the design manufacture and sales of the food machinery. 

    Since the company established, we always stick to the idea of our company. That is keep enterprising; keep improving; keeping crediting and keep innovating! Base on this, we establish the comparative wholesome quality ensuring system. Since many years ago, XuZhong had been focusing on the development and exploitation of our products. We receive warmly recognition and trust from our extensive clients customers and end-users in our products, for example, the flour-made processor the vegetable processor the meet processor and the cold-drink refrigeration and the fried of facilities and equipments which win the extensive reorganizations from the market. For recent years, we have successively traded with some companies from Anglo-America and Asia-Pacific areas. We take it a pride as own by our XuZhongnese.[more]

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